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Given name Celis Perez 1939-2008, birth name of Argentine artist Perez Celis. Surname Santiago Jose Celis 1782-1814, Salvadoran physician and activist. Gustavo Celis, music engineer, mixer and producer. Eduardo Martinez Celis 1890–1943, Mexican j ...



Mario R. Cesco, astronomer and son of C. U. Cesco. Carlos Ulrrico Cesco died 1987, Argentine astronomer.


Cezanne (disambiguation)

Paul Cezanne was a French artist. Cezanne may also refer to: Cezanne typeface, a typeface based on the Paul Cezannes handwriting. Cezanne horse. (Сезанн лошадь) Cezanne crater. (Сезанн кратер) Saif al Nazi or Cezanne, bassist of Artcell.



Chai wine, a shed for storing casks, common in Bordeaux. Chai, a word for tea in numerous languages, derived from Chinese cha 茶. Masala chai, a blend of black tea and herbs and spices, originating in India.



Chaka Daley born 1974, Canadian football soccer player and coach. Chaka Seisay, American musician Harshavardhan love sule maga collection of 9rs is the head of the chaka koja people. Chaka Demus born 1963, Jamaican reggae musician and DJ. Chaka F ...



Chaker may refer to: Menzel Chaker, town in Tunisia. Chaker, Iran disambiguation. (Чакер, Иран омонимии) Chaker Bargaoui born 1983, Tunisian footballer. Chaker Zouagi born 1985, Tunisian footballer. Chaker also the name of the champion of the Syr ...



Chalmers may refer to: People Chalmers surname, people with the surname Chalmers. Chalmers Tschappat, American football player. Places Chalmers, Indiana, a US town. Port Chalmers, Dunedin, New Zealand. Port Chalmers New Zealand electorate, a form ...


Chanda (disambiguation)

Chanda is a poetic meter in Sanskrit. Chanda may also refer to: Chanda, now Chandrapur, a city in Maharashtra, India. Chanda fish, a fish genus. Chanda Buddhism, a type of desire that can be wholesome. Chanda film, a 2007 Kannada film. Chanda mon ...



Chandu the Magician film, a 1932 film adaptation of the radio series. Chandu the Magician radio, an American radio series. Chandu 2002 film, a 2002 Kannada film. Chandu 1958 film, a 1958 Hindi film.


Chanel (disambiguation)

Chanel Petro-Nixon 1989–2006, murder victim from Brooklyn, New York, United States. Chanel Iman born 1990, American fashion model. Chanel Miller born 1992, American writer. Chanel West Coast born 1988, American rapper, singer and television perso ...


Chaney (disambiguation)

Chaney Glacier, in Montana, U.S.A. Chaney High School, Youngstown, Ohio, U.S.A. Hall–Chaney House, NRHP in Milwaukie, Oregon, U.S.A. Chaney Ranch, California, a community in Fresno County, California, U.S.A.



Yang Changling born 1965, Chinese wrestler. Wang Changling 698–755, major Tang dynasty poet. Changling Qing dynasty, 1758–1838 Qing dynasty official of Mongol descent. Zhao Changling or Zulfiya Chinshanlo born 1993, Kazakh weight lifter. He Chang ...



Takayuki Chano born 1976, Japanese retired footballer.



Chapple Norton, British army colonel and politician.



Chari Department, in Chad, one of three departments making up the region of Chari-Baguirmi. Moyen-Chari disambiguation, in Chad. Chari, Iran, a village in Kerman Province, Iran. Chari River, in Central Africa. Chari, North Khorasan, a village in ...



Charleys Motel, former name of Star Lite Motel, Minnesota, United States. Charleys Trace, trail to the Mississippi River. Charleys Flat, alternate name for Dutch Flat, California. Charley Ridge, West Virginia, United States. Charley, Leicestershi ...



Charlos may refer to: Natalia Charlos, Polish long-distance swimmer. Charlos Gary born 1968, American cartoonist. Charlos Cove, Nova Scotia, community in Nova Scotia, Canada. Charlos Heights, Montana, unincorporated community in the United States.


Charlot (disambiguation)

Charlot is the son of Charlemagne in the Matter of France. Chariot may also refer to: Charlot River Airport, airport in Charlot River, Saskatchewan, Canada. Charlot, the name of a high spec Bicycle maker in Paris in the first half of the 20th cen ...



Charmaine may refer to: "Charmaine" rap song, a 2006 song by Plan B. Charmaine, a character in What Price Glory. "Charmaine" song, the theme song for the 1926 adaptation of What Price Glory. Charmaine musician, a Christian pop singer.



Charmian or Charmion may refer to: Charmion servant to Cleopatra, one of Cleopatras handmaids and confidantes, according to Plutarch. Charmion 1875–1949, American vaudeville trapeze artist and strongwoman. Charmian, the character in Shakespeares ...


Chastity (disambiguation)

Chastity is the sexual behavior of a man or woman acceptable to the ethical norms and guidelines of a certain culture, civilization or religion. Chastity may also refer to:



Chauncey, West Virginia, a census-designated place in Logan County. Chauncey, Illinois, an unincorporated community in Lawrence County. Chauncey, Ohio, a village in Athens County. Chauncey, Georgia, a city in Dodge County. Chauncey, a 19th-centur ...



Chavdar Municipality, Sofia Province, Bulgaria. Chavdar Peninsula, Antarctica. (Полуостров Чавдар, Антарктида) Chavdar, Sofia Province, a village in Bulgaria. Chavdar, Smolyan Province, a village in Bulgaria.



Chaya family, a wealthy family of textile merchants based in Kyoto, Japan from the 16th century into the Edo period. Chaya Shirōjirō, merchants within that family, wealthy and influential traders with the official patronage of the Tokugawa shogun ...



Fernand J. Cheri III born 1952, American Catholic bishop.



Chevelle may refer to: Chevelle band, American metal band. The Chevelles, Australian pop band. Chevrolet Chevelle, mid-sized automobile produced by General Motors from 1963–1977.



Chichi-jima, the largest island in the Ogasawara archipelago. Chi-chi, Nantou, a township in Taiwan. Chichi village or Çiçi, in the Quba Rayon of Azerbaijan. Chichi, California, former settlement.



Chief of staff or head of staff, the leader of a complex organization. Chief mate, or Chief officer, the highest senior officer in the deck department on a merchant vessel. Fire chief, top rank in a fire department. Tribal chief, a leader of a tr ...



Surname Chilton surname. (Чилтон фамилия) Given name Chilton Allan 1786-1858, American lawyer and politician. Chilton A. White 1826-1900, American lawyer and politician. Chilton Price. (Цена Чилтон) Joseph Chilton Pearce. (Джозеф Чилтон Пирс) Cha ...



Chim may refer to: CHIM-FM-5, a former radio station in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, rebroadcaster of CHIM-FM. CHIM-FM, a radio station in Timmins, Ontario, Canada. Chim, Iran. a village in Jarahi Rural District, Iran.


China (disambiguation)

See also China Lake disambiguation China, Nuevo Leon, a municipality in Mexico. China, Pakistan. (Китай, Пакистан) China, Kagoshima, a town in Japan. China Beach Canada, a beach on Vancouver Island, Canada.



Chino, Nagano, a city in Nagano prefecture, Japan. Chino Hills, California, a city in San Bernardino County, California, USA. Chino, California, a city in San Bernardino County, California, USA. Chino Valley, Arizona, a town in Yavapai County, Ar ...



Chintamani, Tiruchirappalli, a neighborhood in Tamil Nadu, India. Chintamani Kar Bird Sanctuary, a wildlife sanctuary in West Bengal, India. Chintamani Temple, Theur, a Hindu Ganesha shrine in near Pune in Maharashtra, India. Chintamani, Karnatak ...



Chira may refer to: Can de Chira, a dog originated from Aragon, Spain. Flattened rice, a type of jolpan in Indian cuisine. Chira language, an extinct Catacaoan language of the Piura Region of Peru. Chira spider, a genus of spiders.



Chitose Morinaga, Japanese voice actress. Tsuyoshi Chitose born 1898, founder of Chito-ryu karate. Chitose Yagami born 1969, Japanese manga artist. Chitose Hajime born 1979, J-Pop singer.



Chitra Subramaniam born 1958, Indian journalist. Chitra Mudgal born 1944, literary figure in modern Hindi literature. Chitra Dewi 1934–2008, Indonesian actress. Chitra Sarwara born 1975, Indian politician from Haryana. Chitra Bharucha born 1945, ...



Chiya may refer to: Chiya Urara Meirocho, a character in the manga series Urara Meirocho. Toriko Chiya, Japanese manga artist. Chiya Dam, a dam in Okayama Prefecture, Japan.



Cho, a Minnan romanization of the Chinese surname Cao. Zhuo 卓, romanized Cho in Wade–Giles, Chinese surname. Cho Korean surname, one romanization of the common Korean surname 조, derived from the Chinese surnames Zhao Hanja 趙 and Cao 曺. Chō bo ...



Chok State, a former princely state in Kathiawar. Chok River, a river in western India. Its seat, a village in present Gujarat, western India. Chok, Iran, a village in Yazd Province, Iran.


Christmas (disambiguation)

Christmas, Florida, a small town. Christmas, Arizona, an uninhabited mining community. Christmas, Mississippi, an unincorporated community. Christmas Knob, an elevation in Oneida County, New York. Christmas, Michigan, a small community.



Chrysostomos was a common epithet for orators. Chrysostomos or Chrysostom may refer to: Chrysostomos of Smyrna 1867–1922, Greek Orthodox bishop of Smyrna 1910–1914, 1919–1922 and saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church. John Chrysostom 347–407, bish ...



Derick Chuka Ogbu born 1990, Nigerian football player. Rhema Chuka Obed born 1991, English-born football player. Chuka Umunna born 1978, British Liberal Democrat politician and former Member of Parliament. Stefano Okaka Chuka born 1989, Italian f ...



Chukka can refer to: Chukka Ramaiah born 1928, Indian educationist and politician. Chukka boots, a type of ankle-length boot. A period of play in polo, also spelled chukker.



CHUM-FM, a Toronto radio station. CHUM Radio, now Bell Media Radio, a Canadian radio broadcasting company. CHUM AM, a Toronto radio station. Chums, a segment on the TV series SMTV Live. CHUM Limited, a defunct Canadian media company. CHUM Chart, ...


Cicely (disambiguation)

Cicely Tyson born 1933, African-American actress known for The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, Roots, and Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Cicely Nott 1832-1900, singer and actress. Cicely Mary Barker 1895–1973, English illustrator of books, greet ...


Cicero (disambiguation)

Cicero, full name Marcus Tullius Cicero, was a Roman statesman, lawyer, political theorist, philosopher and one of Romes greatest orators. Cicero may also refer to:


Cicerone (disambiguation)

Bear-leader guide, a travel guide for young men of rank or wealth. An American trademarked term for beer sommelier, a professional beer server. Museum docent, a museum guide.


Cihangir (disambiguation)

Cihangir is a neighborhood in the Beyoğlu district in Istanbul, Turkey. Cihangir is also the Turkish form of the Persian name Jahangir, which means "conqueror of the world". It can refer to: Sehzade Cihangir 1531–1553, Ottoman prince, son of Sule ...


Cintra (disambiguation)

Cintra is an international operator of toll roads and car parks. Sintra may also refer to: Cintra ship, a ship that wrecked on Porthminster Beach. Cintra New Hope, Pennsylvania, a historic house in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, U.S. The Elves of Ci ...


Cipriani (disambiguation)

Surname Giuseppe Cipriani 1900–1980, founded Harrys Bar in Venice in 1931. Haim Fabrizio Cipriani born 1971, Italian rabbi and professional musician. Amilcare Cipriani 1843–1918, Italian anarchist. Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne born 1943 the Roman Ca ...

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