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Linka may refer to: Lake Linka, a lake in Minnesota. Linka festival, a Tibetan event during which Lhamo is held. Linka skipper, a genus of butterfly. Linka fl. 1571, Pogesanian leader who participated in the Prussian uprisings. Linn-Kristin Riege ...


Linthicum (disambiguation)

Linthicum may refer to: Linthicum, Maryland, United States, a census-designated place and an unincorporated community in Anne Arundel County. Linthicum Baltimore Light Rail station. Linthicum surname. (Линтикум фамилия)



As a given name, Lise is a variant of Lisa: Lise Lindstrom, American operatic soprano. Lise Theriault born 1966, Canadian politician. Lise Myhre born 1975, Norwegian cartoonist. Lise Mayer born 1959, American-born English television and film writ ...



Lisette may refer to: People: Lisette Burrows, New Zealand physical education academic. Lisette Schulman 1951–2015, Swedish former television host and politician. Lisette Lanvin 1913–2004, French film actress. Lisette Lapointe born 1943, Quebec p ...



Lito & Polaco, Puerto Rican hip hop / reggaeton duo. Lito Cape Verdean footballer born 1975, Cape Verdean footballer. Lito Sheppard born 1981, American football player. Lito Vidigal born 1969, Angolan footballer known as "Lito". Lito footballer b ...



A Dutch feminine given name pronounced /lus, a short form of Louise. People with the name include: Loes Gunnewijk born 1980, Dutch racing cyclist. Loes Sels born 1985, Belgian cyclo-cross cyclist. Loes Ypma born 1980, Dutch Labour Party politicia ...



Lofty Holloway, a fictional character in the television series EastEnders. A fictional character on the 1986 animated television series My Little Pony. A personified crane in the BBC childrens series Bob the Builder. Ben "Lofty" Chiltern, a ficit ...



Logie may refer to: "The Laird O Logie", childrens ballad. Logie Awards, the Australian television industry awards. Logie - One of three Houses, in Wallace High School, Stirling. or place in Scotland: Logie, Dundee, a residential area in the City ...


Lol (disambiguation)

LOL is an acronym or abbreviation for "laughing out loud" or "lots of love". In a hospital emergency department, it is used as an abbreviation for "little old lady". LOL Lol, or may also refer to:


Lolita (disambiguation)

Lolita given name, list of people and fictional characters with this name. Lolita Milyavskaya born 1963, stage name "Lolita". Lolita Spanish singer born 1958. Lolita Italian singer 1950–1986. Lolita Austrian singer 1931–2010, Austrian pop singer.


Lomas (disambiguation)

Lomas, also called fog oases and mist oases, are areas of fog-watered vegetation in the coastal desert of Peru and northern Chile. Lomas may also refer to:



Lome woreda, a woreda in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. Lome, the capital and largest city of Togo. Lome, Slovenia, a dispersed settlement in the Municipality of Idrija in the Inner Carniola region.



Loomis, Washington. (Лумис, Вашингтон) Loomis Chaffee, a school in Windsor, Connecticut, originally known as The Loomis Institute. Loomis station, a former train station and mansion in Washington. Loomis, Nebraska. (Лумис, Небраска) Loomis, Wisco ...


Lopamudra (disambiguation)

Lopamudra was a female philosopher according to ancient Vedic Indian literature. Lopamudra may also refer to: Lopamudra Bhattacharji born 1960, Indian cricketer. Lopamudra Mitra, Bengali singer. Lopamudra Raut born 1991, Indian model and actress. ...



Lora is a female given name and family name in the Spanish language of French origin. As the name, Laura can also be a variant of Laura or derived from Italian term or Eleonora or Loredana.



Lorand or Lorand or Lorand may refer to: Name: J. Lorand Matory, Professor of Cultural Anthropology and African and African American Studies at Duke University. Lorand Gaspar born 1925, Romanian–born French poet. Lorand Szilagyi born 1985, Romani ...



Lorca Deportiva CF B, 2005–2009. Lorca FC B, 2012–2018. CF Lorca Deportiva 1969, dissolved 1994. Lorca Atletico CF, 2010–2012. Lorca Deportiva CF, 2002–2012. Lorca FC, 2003–2018. (Лорка ФК, 2003-2018) CF Lorca Deportiva, founded 2012.



Lorena album, a 2007 album by Spanish singer Lorena. Lorena TV series, an Amazon Video documentary series. "Lorena" song, an 1856 song by Joseph Phillbrick Webster. Lorena telenovela, a Colombian soap opera.



Loreto, Switzerland, a district of Lugano, Switzerland.



Given name Lorie Conway, American independent producer and filmmaker. Lorie singer full name Laure Pester born 1982, French singer. Lorie Line born 1958, American New Age pianist, composer, and performer. Lorie Tarshis 1911–1993, Canadian economi ...



Lorilee may refer to: "Lorilee", a song first appearing the David Gates album First. Lorilee Craker born 1968, Canadian-American writer. Miss Lorilee Lee, a character in the film High School U.S.A. Note that the versions of the above song have be ...



Lorne is a given name and place name especially popular in Canada, due to the Marquess of Lorne, who was Governor General of Canada. Lorne may refer to:



Martin Ludher or Luther, theologian. Lothair of France 941–986, a King of France. Lothair III, Holy Roman Emperor 1075–1137. Lothair II of Lotharingia 825–869, a king, son of Lothair I. Lotterio Filangieri died 1302. Lothair the Lame, Abbot of Sa ...



Lotte Confectionery, South Korean confectionary. Lotte Capital, a South Korean financial company. Lotte Corporation, a South Korean industrial conglomerate. Lotte World, a recreation complex in Seoul, South Korea. Lotte Holdings, a Japanese holdi ...



Australia Louisa Island Tasmania. (Луиза Острове Тасмания) Canada Louisa or Lac-Louisa, a community in Wentworth, Quebec. Malaysia Louisa Reef, Sabah. (Луиза Риф, Сабах) United States Louisa County, Virginia. (Округе Луиза, Вирджиния) Louisa, Vir ...



Sam Loyd 1841–1911, American chess player. Arthur Loyd 1882–1944, English Conservative Party politician. Zach Loyd born 1987, American soccer player. Samuel Jones-Loyd, 1st Baron Overstone 1796–1883, British banker and politician. Anthony Loyd bo ...



Lubna may refer to: Lubna Rakovnik District in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. Lubna, Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland. Lubna, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland.



People with the given name "Lucille": Lucille Davy, former Commissioner of Education in New Jersey. Lucille Mulhall 1885–1940, Wild West performer. Lucille Charuk born 1989, Canadian volleyball player. Lucy Lawless born 1968, New Zealand Actress. ...



Lucina may refer to: Lucina bivalve, a clam genus in family Lucinidae, established by Bruguiere in 1797. Lucina C. Broadwell 1889-1919, U.S. murder victim. Lucina mythology, the goddess of childbirth in Roman mythology. Lucina, several genus name ...



Lucrezia or Lucrecia may refer to: Lucrezia given name: an Italian name, feminine of the Roman name Lucretius. The etymological origin of the name is debatable, but is thought to come from the Latin lucrum, meaning "profit, wealth". Other sources ...



Lud or LUD may refer to: Local usage details, a record of local calls made from and received by a particular phone number. Ludic language, a Finnic language spoken in Karelia.


Luda (disambiguation)

Luda Kamchiya Gorge, gorge in the Balkan Mountains. Luda Yana, river in southern Bulgaria. 1158 Luda, a minor planet. Luda Kamchiya, a river in eastern Bulgaria. Luda, a former name of Dalian, China.



Ludwig may refer to: Short Ludwig crater, a small lunar impact crater just beyond the eastern limb of the Moon. Ludwig given name, a German name. Ludwig cartoon, a 1977 animated childrens series. Ludwig, Missouri, a community in the United States ...


Luis Miguel (disambiguation)

Luis Miguel is a Mexican singer. Luis Miguel may also refer to: Luis Miguel TV series, a 2018 biographical television series. Luis Miguel album, a 2010 album by Luis Miguel.


Lula (disambiguation)

Lula, Georgia, a small town in the U.S. Lula, Sardinia, a small town in the Province of Nuoro, Italy. Lula, Mississippi, a small town in the U.S. Lula, Levice District, a village in Slovakia.


Lumumba (disambiguation)

Patrice Lumumba was the first Prime Minister of the Congo. Lumumba may also refer to: "Lumumba", a 1968 tribute song by Bongi Makeba from Keep Me in Mind. Lumumba film, a biographical film directed by Raoul Peck. Lumumba drink, a drink made with ...


Lungi (disambiguation)

Lungi may refer to: Lungi, also known as a sarong, is a traditional Asian garment. Longyi. (Лонги) Lungi, Sierra Leone, a town. Lungi International Airport in Lungi, Sierra Leone. Raul Feței Lungi, a tributary of the Saritoarea River in Romania. ...



Lupe Pintor born 1955, Mexican boxer. Lupe Aquino born 1963, Mexican boxer. Lupe Ontiveros 1942–2012, Mexican-American film and television actress. Lupe Velez 1908–1944, Mexican-American actress. Lupe, a fictional character from the television se ...



Lupo I or Lupus I of Aquitaine, Duke of Gascony and part of Aquitaine in the 670s. Lupo II of Gascony died 778, Duke of Gascony. Lupo, the Italian nickname of Bulgaria-born volleyball player Lyubomir Ganev. Lupo III Centule of Gascony, Duke of Ga ...



Lurleen may refer to: Lurleen Wallace 1926-1968, Governor of Alabama and wife of George Wallace. Lurleen Lumpkin, a recurring character on The Simpsons television series.



Lurline may refer to: Lurline, California, a former settlement. Queen Lurline, a character in the Oz books by L. Frank Baum. "Lurline", the Mask and Wig Clubs first annual production in 1889. Lurline opera, an 1860 opera by William Vincent Wallac ...



Mohammed Lutfi Farhat born 1945, Libyan politician. Mustafa Lutfi al-Manfaluti, Egyptian writer. Ahmed Lutfi el-Sayed 1872–1963, Egyptian intellectual. Omer Lutfi Akad 1916–2011, Turkish film director. Lutfi Akadlı 1902–1988, Turkish judge. Ali L ...



Lyla Berg born 1951, Hawaiian politician. Lyla Elliott born 1934, Australian politician. Lyla Rocco 1933–2015, Italian film actress. Lyla Pinch Brock, Canadian Egyptologist. Lyla Foy aka WALL, London songwriter and solo artist, who garnered accla ...



Josh Lyman, character on The West Wing TV program. Lyman, an early Garfield comic character. James Lyman, character from the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica.



Lys, Nievre, a commune in the Nievre department in France. Lys river, a river in France and Belgium. Les Lys, a Premier cru vineyard in Chablis. Lys Dora Baltea, a stream of Aosta Valley in Italy. Lys, Pyrenees-Atlantiques, a commune in the Pyren ...



Maas Thajoon Akbar 1880–1944, a Ceylonese judge and lawyer. Maas surname, including a list of people with the name. Thomas Samuel "Maas" Swartwout 1660–1723, one of the earliest settlers of the Delaware River Valley. Timo Maas born 1969, a German ...



Maayan Strauss born 1982, Israeli artist. Maayan Davidovich born 1988, Israeli Olympic windsurfer. Maayan Sheleff, Israeli independent curator and artist. Maayan Amir born 1978, artist and independent curator. Maayan Furman-Shahaf born 1986, Isra ...



Mable may refer to: John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, state art museum of Florida. Mable Burton Ringling 1875–1929, American art collector. Mable business, Mobile App Business Launchpad Experiment in Portland, Oregon. Bob Mable Australian ru ...



Mabrouk or alternatively Mabrook, is a vernacular Arabic interjection meaning "Blessed". It is also an expression for congratulation. It may refer to:



St Machan died 1170s, 12th-century Scottish saint. Matt Machan born 1991, English cricketer. Robert Machan born 1948, Hungarian tennis player. Tibor Machan 1939–2016, Hungarian-American philosopher. Machan Varghese 1960–2011, Malayalam film actor.

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