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Brendas hypagyrtis moth


Brick silver spot


Brick Silver Spot


Bright babul blue


Bright Babul Blue


Bright bell


Bright Bell


Bright bush blue


Bright Bush Blue


Bright chalk blue


Bright Chalk Blue


Bright copper


Bright nassa


Bright nymph


Bright sunbeam


Brigids elfin


Brigids Elfin


Brinkmans blue


Brinkmans Blue


Briseis underwing


Bristly cutworm


Brittania moth


Broad green-banded swallowtail


Broad Green-banded Swallowtail


Broad sallow moth


Broad-banded eulogia moth


Broad-banded forestsnail


Broad-banded oakblue


Broad-banded swallowtail


Broad-bordered hummingbird hawkmoth


Broad-eared pecten


Broad-Eared Pecten


Broad-patch carolella moth


Broad-patch Carolella Moth


Broad-toothed stag beetle


Broadly green-banded swallowtail


Broadly Green-banded Swallowtail


Broken-banded Leafroller


Broken-line Hypenodes Moth


Bronze ant-blue


Bronze Ant-blue


Bronzy Macrochilo Moth


Brooks opal


Brooks Opal


Brotherly sapphire


Brotherly Sapphire


Browers vitula moth


Brown ant-blue


Brown Ant-blue


Brown arborvitae leafminer

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