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Megapomponia is a genus of cicadas from Southeast Asia containing the worlds largest cicadas species. It was erected by Michel Boulard|Boulard to accommodate the worlds largest cicada species, Megapomponia imperatoria, the type species of Megapom ...




Miniphasma prima

Miniphasma prima, is a species of phasmid or stick insect of the genus Miniphasma. It is found in Sri Lanka. It was first described from Horton Plains.


Miniphasma secunda





Necroscia is an Asian genus of stick insects in the family Diapheromeridae and subfamily Necrosciinae. Species have been recorded from South-East Asia.





Orthelimaea is a genus of Asian bush crickets in the tribe Elimaeini within the subfamily Phaneropterinae. Species in this genus are found in India, Indo-China, and Malesia.


Oxyartes (insect)

The Catalogue of Life lists: Oxyartes lamellatus Kirby, 1904 Oxyartes dorsalis Chen & He, 2008 Oxyartes ceylonicus Saussure, 1868 Oxyartes guangdongensis Chen & He, 2008 Oxyartes spinipennis Carl, 1913 Oxyartes despectus Westwood, 1848 Oxyartes c ...


Paramenexenus ceylonicus


Paramenexenus inconspicuus


Paramenexenus subalienus


Paraprisomera coronata


Paraprisomera taprobanae



The Orthoptera Species File lists the following species recorded from Indo-China, China and Malesia: Parapsyra midcarina Liu & Kang, 2006 Parapsyra nigrovittata Xia & Liu, 1992 Parapsyra laticauda Karny, 1926 Parapsyra muricetincta Karny, 1926 Pa ...



Parasanaa is a genus of bush-cricket found in India. It is represented by a single species, Parasanaa donovani This insect has also been called Typhoptera donovani, Gryllus donovani and Capnoptera donovani. The species was described by Edward Don ...


Parasipyloidea minuta


Parasipyloidea seiferti

Parasipyloidea seiferti, is a species of phasmid or stick insect of the genus Parasipyloidea. It is found in Sri Lanka. It is first described from Nuwara Eliya.


Parasipyloidea zehntneri


Parasosibia ceylonica


Parasosibia incerta



The Catalogue of Life lists: Pharnacia borneensis Hennemann & Conle, 2008 Pharnacia ponderosa Stål, 1877 - type species Pharnacia kalag Zompro, 2005 Pharnacia rex Gunther, 1928 Pharnacia palawanica Hennemann & Conle, 2008 Pharnacia sumatrana Brun ...





The Phasmatinae are a subfamily of stick insects in the family Phasmatidae. They contain at least three tribes; Bradley and Galil corrected the spelling to "Phasmatinae" and provides a key to tribes.


Phobaeticus hypharpax


Phobaeticus lobulatus


Phyllium athanysus


Phyllium bioculatum

The Grays leaf insect, bioculatum), is a leaf insect of the family Phylliidae native to tropical Asia as well as Madagascar, Mauritius and the Seychelles. It was first described by George Robert Gray in 1832, which was his first phasmid he discov ...


Phyllium brevipenne


Phyllium geryon


Phyllium hausleithneri

The Hausleithners Stick Insect, hausleithneri), is a species of phasmid or leaf insect of the genus Phyllium. It is found in peninsular Malaysia, and Sri Lanka.


Prisomera auscultator


Prisomera cyllabacum


Prisomera ignava


Prisomera mimas


Prisomera spinicollis


Prisomera spinosissimum


Protohermes grandis

Protohermes grandis is a large, colorful species of dobsonfly occurring in China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. The TDF for P.grandis larvae suggests that their low TPs in nature were caused by incorporation of vascular plant-derived amino acids with ...


Pseudochorthippus parallelus

Pseudochorthippus parallelus, the meadow grasshopper, is a common species of grasshopper in the tribe Gomphocerini. It is found in non-arid grasslands throughout the well vegetated areas of Europe and some adjoining areas of Asia. It is a well-st ...



Psyrana is a genus of Asian bush crickets of the tribe Holochlorini within the subfamily Phaneropterinae. They occur in Sri Lanka Indo-China, China, Korea, Japan, and Malesia to New Caledonia.


Pylaemenes (insect)

The Catalogue of Life lists: Pylaemenes moluccanus Redtenbacher, 1906 Pylaemenes shirakii Ho & Brock, 2013 Pylaemenes multispinosus Bragg, 1998 Pylaemenes borneensis Bragg, 1998 Pylaemenes waterstradti Bragg, 1998 Pylaemenes mitratus Redtenbacher ...




Ramulus ablutus


Ramulus westwoodii


Sceptrophasma hispidulum

Sceptrophasma hispidulum, commonly known as the Andaman Islands stick insect, is a species of the stick insect family. It originates from the Andaman Islands and is commonly found in tropical forests there. They eat a variety of foliage, though i ...


Sceptrophasma humilis



Sinochlora is a genus of Asian bush crickets of the tribe Holochlorini within the subfamily Phaneropterinae. Species are found in China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam.


Sipyloidea acutipennis


Sipyloidea bistriolata


Sipyloidea ceylonica

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