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Carinotetraodon is a genus of small freshwater pufferfish found in South and Southeast Asia. Several species have commercial importance as aquarium fish.


Coregonus tugun

Coregonus tugun, the tugun, is a species freshwater whitefish from rivers draining to the Arctic Ocean. It is one of the several species of Siberian whitefishes, with a distribution encompassing rivers from the Ob in the west to the Yana River in ...



Dawkinsia is named after the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in recognition of his "contribution to the public understanding of science, particularly, of evolutionary science". Dawkins describes this as "a great honour".


Golden loaches

There are currently 10 recognized species in this genus: Sabanejewia aurata De Filippi, 1863 Sabanejewia aurata aralensis Kessler, 1877 Aral spined loach Sabanejewia aurata De Filippi, 1863 golden spined loach Sabanejewia caucasica L. S. Berg, 19 ...


Hillstream loach

The hillstream loaches or river loaches are a family, the Balitoridae, of small fish from South, Southeast and East Asia. The family includes about 99 species. They are sometimes sold as "lizardfish" or "flossensaugers". Many of the species are p ...


Oxynoemacheilus longipinnis

Oxynoemacheilus longipinnis is a species of loach in the family Nemacheilidae endemic to the Meymeh River, formerly a part of the Tigris-Euphrates system in Iran. Fishbase lists it as the only species in the monotypic genus Ilamnemacheilus.



There are currently four recognized species in this genus: Protomyzon borneensis Hora & Jayaram, 1952 Protomyzon whiteheadi Vaillant, 1894 Protomyzon aphelocheilus Inger & P. K. Chin, 1962 Protomyzon griswoldi Hora & Jayaram, 1952



Sahyadria is a genus of cyprinid fishes native to India where they are endemic to rivers and streams in the Western Ghats. They were formerly included in Puntius. The largest Sahyadria measure 15 cm total length.


Schismatorhynchos heterorhynchos

Schismatorhynchos heterorhynchos is a species of cyprinid of the genus Schismatorhynchos. It inhabits Sumatra and Borneo, has a maximum length of 28.3 centimetres and is considered harmless to humans.



Triplophysa is a genus of fish in the family Nemacheilidae found mainly in and around the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in China. Currently, the genus is a mixed assemblage of species. Some lineages have been identified and treated as subgenera, but as W ...



There are three species of questionable validity that FishBase recognizes but that Kottelat and the California Academy of Sciences Catalog of Fishes following Kottelat consider probable junior synonyms: Vanmanenia trifasciodorsalata V. H. Nguyễn, ...



There are currently 4 recognized species in this genus: Vinagarra elongata V. H. Nguyễn & T. A. Bùi, 2010 Vinagarra laichowensis V. H. Nguyễn & L. H. Doan, 1969 Vinagarra findolabium Vinagarra tamduongensis V. H. Nguyễn & T. A. Bùi, 2010


Pygmy whitefish

The pygmy whitefish is a freshwater whitefish of the genus Prosopium in the family Salmonidae. Found in the mountain streams and lakes in western North America, it also has isolated populations in Lake Superior and in Ekityki Lake, Chukchi Peninsula.


Freshwater fish of Western Asia


Freshwater fish of India


Freshwater fish of Indonesia


Freshwater fish of Japan


Lake fish of Asia


Freshwater fish of the Philippines


Freshwater fish of South Asia


Freshwater fish of Southeast Asia


Freshwater fish of Sri Lanka


Freshwater fish of Taiwan


Aquitanian pike


Biharian barbel

The Biharian barbel is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Barbus. It is found in the Sebes-Koros River in Hungary and Romania. A recent study, in 2016, discovered a new species of barbels, named as the Barbus biharicus, in the Danube river ...


Cottus sabaudicus


Esox cisalpinus

Esox cisalpinus, the southern pike, is a species of freshwater fish known from central and northern Italy, southeastern France and Switzerland, and it might also occur in western Balkan. It has traditionally been considered a southern European va ...



There are currently four recognized species in this genus: Parachondrostoma toxostoma Vallot, 1837 Parachondrostoma turiense Elvira, 1987 Parachondrostoma miegii Steindachner, 1866 Parachondrostoma arrigonis Steindachner, 1866


Peipsi whitefish

The Peipsi whitefish is a freshwater whitefish of the family Salmonidae that naturally occurs in Lake Peipus on the border of Estonia and Russia, from where it also ascends to Lake Võrtsjarv to spawn. It has been introduced in Lake Burtnieks, Gul ...


Sander (fish)

Sander is a genus of fish in the Percidae family. They are also known as "pike-perch" because of their resemblance to fish in the unrelated Esocidae family. Local names for the fish have been the basis for many geographical names, like River Suda ...


Endemic fish of Metropolitan France


Endemic fish of the Iberian Peninsula



Exoglossum is a genus of mound-building freshwater fish of the minnow family containing two species, commonly known as cutlip minnows, although the individual species, particularly Exoglossum maxillingua, are also locally known by that name. Spec ...


Ichthyomyzon unicuspis


Micropterus henshalli

The Alabama bass is a medium-sized freshwater fish in the black bass genus. It is not usually a targeted species but can be caught when fishing for other species, especially its congener the largemouth bass. It is an uncommon species and can be f ...



Prietella has been confirmed to be monophyletic and to be the sister group of the Noturus. The karyotype of P. phreatophila is indistinguishable from one of the genus Noturus ; however, its diploid number of 50 chromosomes differs from the propos ...


Roanoke hogsucker

The Roanoke hogsucker is a freshwater ray-finned fish found in the upper and middle Roanoke River basin in North Carolina and Virginia. It is very similar to and lives in the same area as the northern hogsucker. They are in the sucker family, Cat ...


Kamloops rainbow trout

The Kamloops trout is a local variety of the rainbow trout, a fish in the family Salmonidae. From its native range in British Columbia, Canada, it has been transferred to several other drainages in the United States. It is often considered a part ...


Freshwater fish of Central America




Lake fish of North America


Freshwater fish of Mexico




Freshwater fish of Australia


Freshwater fish of Hawaii


Freshwater fish of New Guinea


Freshwater fish of New Zealand



Archolaemus is a genus of South American glass knifefishes. They occur in fast-flowing sections of rivers, including rapids, in the Amazon, Tocantins, São Francisco and Araguari basins. Depending on the exact species, they reach up to about 20–50 ...


Attonitus bounites

Attonitus bounites is one of three species of fish of family Characidae in order of Characiformes. They are primarily found within the tropical South American Madre de Dios River drainage basin. The males can reach 2.24 in total length.


Black-winged hatchetfish

Black-winged hatchetfish has a convex body. It has a very deep ventral profile with its anal fin set back. This species has wing-like pectoral fins that often extend to half of the fishs body length. In general, coloration is silver with black pa ...

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