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Tufted skipper


Tufted Skipper


Tufted Snout Moth


Tufted spruce caterpillar


Tulbagh sylph


Tulbagh Sylph


Tulip-tree leaftier moth


Tuliptree borer


Tuliptree silkmoth


Tupelo leaffolder moth


Tupelo Leaffolder Moth


Tupelo leafminer moth


Turanga underwing


Turban star shell


Turks-cap white-skipper


Turks-cap White-skipper


Turks-cap White-Skipper


Turkana Pierrot


Turkish meadow brown


Turned turrid


Turners opal


Turners Opal


Turners volute


Turquoise hairstreak


Turret pyramid-shell


Turreted conelet


Turtle ant


Turtle dove shell


Tussock ringlet


Twig looper


Twig wilter


Twin dotted border


Twin-spot banded skipper


Twin-spot Banded Skipper


Twin-Spot Banded Skipper


Twin-spot swift


Twin-spot Swift


Twin-spotted Quaker


Two spotted grass skipper


Two-banded checkered skipper


Two-banded chequered skipper


Two-banded Chequered Skipper


Two-banded ectypia


Two-banded longhorn beetle


Two-banded Longhorn Beetle


Two-banded pyramid shell


Two-brand grass-skipper


Two-dotted buff


Two-dotted Buff


Two-groove odostome

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