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Wattle Snout Moth


Waved goblet


Waved sphinx


Waved Tabby Moth


Wavy chestnut Y


Wavy clam


Wavy polyptychus


Wavy turban snail


Wavy volute


Webbing coneworm


Webbing moth


Wedge grass-skipper


Wedge skipper


Wedge Skipper


Wedge-spotted cattleheart


Well-ribbed dovesnail


West African fig-tree blue


West African Fig-tree Blue


West African ranger


West African Ranger


West Virginia white


West Virginia white butterfly


Western aslauga


Western Aslauga


Western avocado leafroller moth


Western Avocado Leafroller Moth


Western bamboo ringlet


Western black-headed budworm moth


Western black-spot ciliate blue


Western Black-spot Ciliate Blue


Western blackheaded budworm


Western Blackheaded Budworm


Western blue beauty


Western blue policeman


Western Blue Policeman


Western brown-edged Cupid


Western Brown-edged Cupid


Western cloudywing


Western Cloudywing


Western conifer looper


Western courtier


Western dotted border


Western Dotted Border


Western dusky dart


Western Dusky Dart


Western dwarf skipper


Western Dwarf Skipper


Western euptera


Western fantasia


Western Fantasia

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