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USNS Captain Arlo L. Olson


USNS Carl Brashear


USS Carmick


USS Carolinian


USS Carrillo


USS Carteret


USS Casa Grande


USS Cascade


USS Catahoula Parish


USS Catamount


USS Cauto


USS Cebu


USS Cecil


USS Celeno


USS Cetus


USNS Charles Drew


USS Charles P. Cecil


USS Chateau Thierry


USS Chaumont


USS Cheboygan County


USS Chelan County


USS Chesterfield County


USS Childs


USS Chimaera


USS Chittenden County


USS Christiana


USS Churchill County


USS City of South Haven


USS Clamour


USS Clarinda


USS Clarke County


USS Clearwater County


USS Clematis


USS Climax


USS Clytie


USNS Coastal Sentry


USS Coconino County


USS Collingsworth


USNS Colonel William J. OBrien


USS Colonial


USS Compel


USS Concise


USS Control


SS Cornhusker State


USS Cottle


USS Crag


USS Crawford

USS Crawford may refer to: USS Charles P. Crawford SP-366, a United States Navy minesweeper and tug in commission from 1917 to 1919. Fictional ships USS Crawford SSN-806, a fictional United States Navy submarine in the NCIS / JAG television universe.


USS Creamer


USS Cree


USS Crenshaw

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