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USS Namontack


USS Nanigo


USS Nansemond County


USS Nantasket


USS Narada


USS Natrona


USS Nauset


USS Navarro


USS Nepenthe


USS New Kent


USS New London County


USS Nezinscot


USS Niagara Falls


USS Niji


USS Niobe


USS Nourmahal


USS Nucleus


USS Observation Island


USS Oceanographer


USS Oceanus


USS Ocklawaha


USS Okisko


USS Oklahoma

Oklahoma was the name of one ship of the United States Navy and will be the name of a future submarine. USS Oklahoma SSN-802, a planned Virginia -class nuclear attack submarine. USS Oklahoma BB-37, a Nevada -class battleship launched in 1914 and ...


USS Old Columbia


USS Opponent


USS Orange


USS Orange County


USS Orlando


USS Orleans Parish


USS Ostfriesland


USS Outagamie County


USS Page County


USS Pakana


USS Palm Beach


USS Palmyra


USS Palo Blanco


USS Palomas


USS Paloverde


USS Panaman


USS Panda


USS Pandemus


USS Paragould


USS Paragua


USS Park County


USS Parkersburg


USS Parrot


USS Patricia


USS Patton


USS Paulding


USS PC-1586

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