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Later Liang (Five Dynasties) painters


Later Liang (Five Dynasties) people born during Tang


Gu Xiong

Gu Xiong was an official in the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period states Former Shu and Later Shu. He was also a famous ci poet.


Later Tang painters


Lady Li (Wang Jipeng)

Lady Li, formally the Lady of Liang, was the first wife of Wang Jipeng, an emperor of the Chinese Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period state Min. Lady Lee was a cousin of Wang Jipeng her mother was the sister of his father Wang Yanjun, known as ...


Min Kingdom rulers


Min Kingdom people born during Tang


Min Kingdom Taoists


Qi (Li Maozhens state) people born during Tang


Yang Wu rulers


Southern Han people born during Tang


Southern Tang Taoists


Liangshan Yuanguan

Liangshan Yuanguan was a Zen Buddhist monk during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period. His first appearance in the historical record is in the Transmission of the Lamp, which was compiled around 1004. No precise dates are available for whe ...


Yang Wu people born during Tang


Wuyue people born during Tang


Yan (Five Dynasties period) people born during Tang


Zhao (Five Dynasties period) people born during Tang


Ji Bu

Ji Bu was a Chinese military general of the early Western Han dynasty. He was from Xiaxiang. He previously served under Xiang Yu, a warlord who engaged Liu Bang, the founder of the Han dynasty, in a four-year-long power struggle historically know ...


Xiang Zhuang

Xiang Zhuang was a younger cousin of Xiang Yu, the "Hegemon-King of Western Chu". He fought on Chus side as a military general during the Chu–Han Contention, a power struggle for supremacy over China between Xiang Yu and Liu Bang, the founder of ...


Han dynasty generals from Anhui


Han dynasty generals from Gansu


Han dynasty generals from Hebei


Han dynasty generals from Henan


Han dynasty generals from Hubei


Han dynasty generals from Hunan


Han dynasty generals from Jiangsu


Han dynasty generals from Liaoning


Han dynasty generals from Shaanxi


Han dynasty generals from Shandong


Han dynasty generals from Shanxi


Han dynasty generals from Sichuan


Han dynasty generals from Yunnan


Han dynasty generals from Zhejiang


Yan Baihu

"Baihu" was not Yans real name, but a nickname given to him due to his physical prowess or skin colour, thus his name should be translated as "White Tiger Yan". According to the Records of the Three Kingdoms, Yan Baihu held gigantic influence amo ...


Jin dynasty (265–420) Buddhist monks


Empress Xin (Zhang Zuo)

Empress Xin or Princess Xin was the wife of the Chinese state Former Liangs ruler Zhang Zuo. Whether her title was empress or princess is unclear, because historical sources differ on the subject. Jin Shu, which reported that her husband claimed ...


Wang Jun (Pengzu)

Wang Jun, courtesy name Pengzu, was a military general and warlord who lived during the Western Jin dynasty of China. He was born to a concubine of Wang Chen of the prominent Wang clan of Jinyang county in Taiyuan commandery. By the time of Sima ...


Ge Chaofu

Ge Chaofu is a member of the Chinese Ge family who lived during the 4th and 5th centuries CE. He is best known for writing the scripture known as The Five Talismans which forms the basis of the beliefs of the Lingbao School of Daoism. Beyond this ...


Jin dynasty (1115–1234) Buddhist monks


Liao dynasty Buddhist monks


Northern Han empresses


Northern Han generals


Northern Han politicians


Ming dynasty Buddhist monks


Ming dynasty overseer of rituals


Chen dynasty imperial princes


Liang dynasty imperial princes


Liu Song imperial princes


Northern Wei imperial princes


Northern Zhou imperial princes

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