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Richard Bere (Blessed)


Thomas Bosgrave


John Davy (Blessed)


Roger Dicconson


Douai Martyrs

The Douai Martyrs is a name applied by the Roman Catholic Church to 158 Catholic priests trained in the English College at Douai, France, who were executed by the English state between 1577 and 1680.


Edward Fulthrop


Thomas Green (Blessed)


William Greenwood (Blessed)


Thomas Hemerford


William Horne (Blessed)


Roger James (Blessed)


Richard Kirkman


John Munden (martyr)


Walter Pierson (Blessed)


Thomas Plumtree


Thomas Redyng (Blessed)


John Rugg


Patrick Salmon (martyr)


Robert Salt


Thomas Scryven (Blessed)


Edward Shelley


Robert Sutton (d. 1588)


John Thorne (Blessed)


James Walworth (Blessed)


Robert Watkinson


John Resby


Roger Acton


Laura Checkley

Laura Checkley is an English actress known for playing the regular character Louise throughout three series of Detectorists on BBC Four, Monica in Action Team on ITV2, and Terri King, wife of the titular character played by Tom Davis, in the BBC ...


Harry Collett

Harry Collett is a British actor from Essex. Collett is mostly known for his roles on the TV series Casualty, and the films Dunkirk and Dolittle.


David Pugh (actor)

David Pugh is an English actor, who is perhaps best known for playing Billy in the episode "Two of a Kind" of the first series of the British television series The Adventures of Black Beauty, premiered on 24 February 1973. He starred in film Dire ...


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William de Gruttleworth

Was Vicar of St. Mary Ashby Magna, Leicester. Introduced the post of vicar of St. Virgin Mary, Aylesbury in may 1324 Robert De Baldock, Prebendary of Aylesbury after the swap with Ralph de Lutterworth. He seems to have resigned, sometimes there a ...


Henry (Archdeacon of Lewes)


William Shaw (minister)

William Shaw was a minister in the Christian Church. He was born in Barton-upon-Humber, Lincolnshire, England and founded the town of Barton, Maryland in the United States in 1794.


William Sturrock


William de Uffington

In 1288 William de Uffington is recorded as presenting the post of Vicar of St Nicholas Church in Pilton, Rutland to Robert de Pilton, and presenting it again in 1309. Was appointed as vicar of St. Virgin Mary, Aylesbury in may 1315, may, Richard ...


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John Best (badminton)


Bessie Staples

Staples was a winner of the All England Open Badminton Championships. She won the mixed doubles in the 1939 All England Badminton Championships. After his marriage James Shearlaw in 1945, she participated in the marriage and won the Open champion ...


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