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Muire is an Irish name given exclusively to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Irish name Maire is typically used for the name Mary. Muire is used exclusively for the Virgin Mary. The only known exception to this rule is in the song Caoineadh mhuire on ...


Sadb (name)


Samthann (given name)



Sebdann, Gaelic-Irish feminine forename. Name Sebdann witnessed in the number of entries in the Irish annals, dated between 726-733. The Ulster annals records the death of Sebdann filia Chuirc, dominatrix Cille Daro / Sebdann daughter of Chuirc, ...



Setach, Gaelic-Irish feminine forename. In Setach the name is attested in one record in the annals of Ulster, under the year 1042, which records the death of: Aedh m. ind abad.i. m. Mail Muire & Setaige ingine H. Lorcain / Aed son of the abbot i. ...



Sithmaith is an Irish-language feminine name derived from Irish sith, meaning peace, and maith, meaning good. In Sithmaith name was used in early medieval Ireland. Sithmaith of Clonboreann died 771 was witnessed by the bearer of the name. It tran ...



Almost the only one attested is Taileflaith ingen Cathail, described as mnaoi an Dunchada.i. Tualaith, inghean Cathail m. Finguine, ri Mumhan, who died as Queen of Leinster between 749-754. Her husband was Dunchad mac Murchado died 728, and her f ...




Fortunata (name)

Fortunata is an Italian girls name. Fortunata is celebrated on October 14 in memory of Santa Fortunata, a 4th-century Christian martyr in Caesarea. The Roman Catholic Church recognizes nineteen Saints and Saints bearing the name Fortunato and For ...



Gelsomina is the Italian equivalent of the name Jasmine. It may refer to: "Gelsomina" Stars Shine In Your Eyes, song by Lucienne Delyle composer Nino Rota from La Strada. Gelsomina, character from the film La Strada. Gelsomina Verde, victim of th ...



Giulietta may refer to: Giulietta singer - Australian pop singer. Alfa Romeo Giulietta – Alfa Romeos various anniversary cars. Giulietta Masina – Italian actress.




Maria Sole


Mariella (disambiguation)

Mariella may refer to: Mariella is an extinct ammonoid. "Mariella" - song by Kate Nash from her album Made of Bricks. MS Mariella, Finnish cruiseferry operated by Viking Line.


Morena (given name)

Morena is an Italian, Portuguese and Spanish feminine given name derived from the term moreno, meaning "brown, brown-haired." It is a popular name in Argentina, where it was the second most popular name given to baby girls born in Cordoba, Argent ...


Rosalia (given name)

Rosalia is a feminine given name of Latin origin meaning "rose" and was the name of an early Saint Rosalia. In Latin, the Rosalia was a festival of roses celebrated variously throughout the Roman Empire.


Viridiana (name)

Viridiana, Viridianne, Verdiana is a female given name of Latin origin as well as the name of an Italian saint.



Asuna may refer to: Asuna, an automotive marque sold in Canada 1992–1993. Asuna Yamase, a member of Xio and supporting character in Ultraman X. Asuna Sword Art Online, a main character from the light novel and anime series Sword Art Online. Asuna ...



Kaguya, a character in the manga Planet Ladder. Princess Snow Kaguya, a character in the film Sailor Moon S: The Movie. Kaguya Sumeragi, a character in the anime Code Geass. Kimimaro Kaguya, a character in the anime and manga Naruto. Kaguya Ōtsut ...



Kurenai is a Japanese word meaning crimson and is sometimes used as a name. It may refer to the following: "Kurenai" くれなゐ ("Куренай" くれなゐ) - a song by Tsuki Amano. Kurenai Yuzuru, an actress in the all-female Takarazuka Revue. "Kurenai" s ...



Yukino is a Japanese name that can refer to: Satsuki Yukino real name: Yuki Inoue, Japanese voice actress. Yukino Kikuma, Fuji TV announcer. Yukino Kishii, Japanese actress. Fictional characters: Yukino Sakurai, a character from the Candy Boy. Yu ...



Yurina is a feminine given name of Japanese origin. It may refer to: Yurina Hiraka born 1991, Japanese long jumper. Yurina Hirate born 2001, Japanese idol singer Keyakizaka46. Yurina Kumai born 1993, Japanese idol singer Berryz Kobo. Yurina Hase ...



Elzbieta or Elzbieta may refer to: Elzbieta-Kolonia, a village in eastern Poland. Elzbieta, a Lithuanian given name equivalent to Elizabeth. Elzbieta, a Polish given name equivalent to Elizabeth. Elzbieta, Lublin Voivodeship, a village in eastern ...



Rasā, a mythical river mentioned in the Rigveda. Rasa aesthetics, a concept in the Indian performing arts. Rasa, the nutritive fluid that flows in the body and nourishes all other tissues according to Ayurveda. Rasa lila, a dance performed by the ...



Vaiva is a Lithuanian female given name of Baltic origin. It is a shortening of vaivorykste. A rainbow was considered one of the manifestations of the Pagan destiny goddess Laima. Vaivas father, according to Baltic mythology, is Perkūnas. The nam ...


Vanda (disambiguation)

Vanda is a genus of the orchid family. Wanda can also refer to the following: People Vanda Wesenhagen born 1958, Dutch cricketer. Vanda Symon born 1969, New Zealand writer. Vanda Gomes born 1988, Brazilian sprinter. Vanda Juhasz born 1989, Hungar ...


Iselilja (given name)

Iselilja is a Norwegian feminine given name. In 2015, in Norway 17 people had the name as a first name and 15 people had it as a middle name, according to SSBs name statistics.





Torill, also written Toril and Thorill, is a Norwegian feminine given name. It may refer to: Thorill Gylder born 1958, Norwegian racewalker. Toril Hetland Akerhaugen born 1982, Norwegian footballer. Torill Selsvold Nyborg born 1952, Norwegian nur ...


Mahd-i Ulya

Mahd-i Ulyā, also transliterated as Mahd-e Olyā, was a common title for empress mother, mothers of Shahs, or crown princes, in Iran during the Safavid and Qajar eras. It is also occasionally used in a similar context for the wife or the mother of ...





Marzieh is a Persian feminine given name. In Dari Persian it is pronounced as Marzia. Marie name: Marzieh Shah-Daei born 1962, Iranian official and manager. Marzieh Vahid-Dastjerdi born 1959, Iranian university professor and former parliamentaria ...



Samaneh is a Persian female give name. Samaneh Kazemi 1980 Iranian scholar of Tazieh or Condolence Theater. Samaneh Maghrebiya, Persian spelling for the wife of Muhammad ibn Alī ibn Mūsā ninth of the Twelve Imams of Shia Islam, and mother of Imam ...



"Shamima" is a feminine Muslim given name derived from Persian: ثميمه ‎ meaning "sweet smell". Notable bearers of the name include Shamima Akter Liza born 1989, Bangladesh chess Woman International Master. Shamima Shaikh 1960 – 1998, South Africa ...




Agata (given name)



Ania may refer to: Ania moth, genus of geometer moths. Ania plant, genus of terrestrial orchids. Polish form of the given name Anna. Ania singer born 1981, Polish singer and composer. Includes a list of people with the given name Ania






Amparo (name)

Amparo is a Portuguese and Spanish word which means refuge or shelter. Several places in the Iberian Peninsula and in Latin America are named Amparo, some of them associated with the devotion of Our Lady of the Refuge.



Lago Carlota National Reserve, in Chile. Carlota Island, an island in the Philippines. Carlota Cove, a cove in Antarctica. Villa Carlota, Mexico, a farming settlement. Carlota Mexico, a New Virginia Colony settlement for ex-Confederate soldiers a ...



Gloria is a common Portuguese girls name, the equivalent of Gloria is Spanish and English. Name Gloria Menezes. (Глория Менезес) Gloria Pires. (Глория Пирес) Gloria Perez. (Глория Перез) Surname Otto Gloria. (Отто Глория) Gloria may also refer to ...


Catalina (name)


Constanța (disambiguation)



Cosmina may refer to: Cosmina, a genus of flies. Cosmina river, Prahova County, Romania. Cosmina de Jos and Cosmina de Sus, villages in Cosminele Commune, Prahova County, Romania. Cosmina Dușa, Romanian footballer. Cosmina Stratan, Romanian actress.




Doina (given name)







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