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Tarchaneiotes, feminine form Tarchaneiotissa, also attested in the variant forms Trachaneiotes, Trachaniates, Tarchoniates, was the name of a Byzantine aristocratic family from Adrianople, active from the late 10th to the 14th century, mostly as ...



The Vatatzes or Batatzes family was a noble Byzantine family of the 11th–14th centuries with several branches, which produced several senior generals of the Byzantine army and, after John III Doukas Vatatzes intermarried with the Laskaris clan, t ...


Hugh of Anzy le Duc

Hugh of Anzy le Duc OSB was a French Benedictine monk, who had a significant influence on monastic reform in the 9th and 10th centuries. He is also known by the name of Hugh of Autun. His birthdate is unknown. He was a native of Poitiers in Franc ...


Former Shu emperors


Later Liang (Five Dynasties) emperors


Later Shu emperors


Later Zhou emperors


Southern Han emperors


Eastern Han dynasty emperors


Western Han dynasty emperors


Later Liang (Sixteen Kingdoms) emperors


Later Qin emperors


Later Yan emperors


Northern Song emperors


Southern Song emperors


Emperor Taizong of Western Xia


Emperor Taizu of Western Xia


Chu (Ten Kingdoms) poets


Former Shu poets


Later Han (Five Dynasties) poets


Later Jin (Five Dynasties) poets


Later Liang (Five Dynasties) poets


Later Shu poets


Later Tang poets


Later Zhou poets


Southern Han poets


Southern Tang poets


Wuyue poets


Yang Wu poets


Wang Bao

Wang Bao, courtesy name Ziyuan, was a Chinese poet during the Western Han Dynasty. He was well versed in the Classical Chinese poetry tradition. He was involved in the Chu Ci poetry revival which took place in the second part of Emperor Xuans rei ...


Sun Chuo

Sun Chuo was a Chinese poet of the Six Dynasties poetry tradition. He was one of the famous participants of the Orchid Pavilion Gathering, along with Wang Xizhi, and a large group of other scholar-poets, in 353 CE, in Shan-yin. Sun Chuo is also f ...


Zhang Jiying

Zhang Han ,Courtesy name Jiying, was a Chinese statesman of late three kingdom period and Jin Dynasty. He was best known for his literary works and an incident related to roughskin sculpin. Some of Zhangs works were included in Wen Xuan. Jiying ...


Three Masters of Jiangdong

The Three Masters of Jiangdong were a group of Chinese literati who lived and wrote during the Ming-Qing transition. They were Gong Dingzi, Wu Weiye, Qian Qianyi. They are partly famous for reviving the Ci style of Classical Chinese poetry.


Chen dynasty poets


Liang dynasty poets


Liu Song poets


Northern Wei poets


Northern Zhou poets


Southern Qi poets


Bao Rong

Bao Rong was a Chinese poet of the Tang dynasty. He was a native of Yanling. He is traditionally grouped with He Zhizhang, Zhang Xu, and Zhang Ruoxu as the Four Poets of Central Wu, the Lower Yangtze region. He served as a minor official in the M ...


Dai Shulun

Dai Shulun, born in 732, was a native of Jintan, Runzhou in todays Jiangsu. He served as a government official, however, in his later years, he was banished from the imperial court after the death of Emperor Daizong in 779. He then held various p ...



Fenggan was a Chinese Zen monk-poet lived in the Tang Dynasty, associated with Hanshan and Shide in the famed "Tiantai Trio".


Gu Kuang

Ueki, Hisayuki, Uno, Naoto, Matsubara, Akira 1999. "Shijin to Shi no Shōgai Ko Kyō". In Matsuura, Tomohisa ed. Kanshi no Jiten 漢詩の事典 in Japanese. Tokyo: Taishūkan Shoten. p. 109. OCLC 41025662.


Liang Huang


Wang Fanzhi

Wang Fanzhi or Brahmacarin Wang was a Chinese Buddhist poet born in Hebi, Henan during the Tang Dynasty. He is the putative author of two collections of early Tang vernacular poetry. The language can be dated to the 8th century. Very few of the p ...


Zhang Junfang (poet)

Zhang Junfang was a Tang dynasty poet. A native of Nanyang, Henan, he flourished as a poet under the reigns of the Emperors Taizong and Gaozong.


Zheng Gu

Zheng Gu, courtesy name Shouyu was a Chinese poet who lived in the late Tang dynasty. Zheng was born in Yuanzhou. He held several different civil positions during the reign of Emperor Xizong of Tang and Emperor Zhaozong of Tang but he is best kno ...


Three Hundred Tang Poems poets


Chu (Ten Kingdoms) politicians


Former Shu politicians

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