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Roman Catholic bishops in South Carolina


Roman Catholic bishops in South Dakota


Roman Catholic bishops in Tennessee


Roman Catholic bishops in Texas


Roman Catholic bishops in Utah


Roman Catholic bishops in Vermont


Roman Catholic bishops in Virginia


Roman Catholic bishops in Washington (state)


Roman Catholic bishops in West Virginia


Roman Catholic bishops in Wisconsin


Roman Catholic bishops in Wyoming


Indigenous peoples of Arizona

Native Americans have inhabited what is now Arizona for thousands of years. It remains a state with one of the largest percentages of Native Americans in the United States, and has the second largest total Native American population of any state. ...


James Gordon Dennis

James Gordon Dennis was a U.S. flight lieutenant shot down over Berlin in May 1944, who was murdered in the open street by propaganda ministry official Alfred Ingemar Berndt after Dennis had parachuted and was captured.


Gay Daniels White


Native American people from California



The Ebbert family has produced several notable figures in the United States. In Colorado, the Ebberts were a politically active agricultural family in the Pueblo, Otero, and Montezuma County areas of Colorado in the late 19th and early 20th centu ...


Society of Colorado Pioneers


High school football coaches in Connecticut


Lisa Ainsworth

Elizabeth Anna Ainsworth is an American molecular biologist currently employed the United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service. She also is an Adjunct Professor of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, a Fellow ...


Ken Bone (political activist)


Miranda Grosvenor

Miranda Grosvenor was the fictitious name of an elusive Louisiana woman who enchanted dozens of famous men with sweet telephone talk in the 1970s and 1980s. In 1999, Vanity Fair exposed the mystery woman as Whitney Walton, a Baton Rouge social wo ...


People by century in Louisiana


People from Acadiana


Edwin T. Merrick

Edwin Thomas Merrick was the third Chief Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court from July, 1855 to April 3, 1865. Born in Massachusetts, Merrick moved to Ohio, where he was admitted to the bar of Ohio in 1833, and then in 1838 moved to Clinton, L ...


Registers of deeds in Massachusetts


Otto Lugger

Otto Lugger was a Prussian-born American entomologist and botanist who served as the State Entomologist of the U.S. State of Minnesota. The lugger was born in Hagen in the Prussian province of Westphalia, where his father was Professor of chemist ...


James C. Cooney

James C. Cooney was a sergeant of the U.S. Army in the 8th U.S. Cavalry when he found large silver and gold reserves in the Mogollon Mountains of Catron County, New Mexico. He was transferred to Fort Bayard, near Silver City, New Mexico in 1870. ...


E. F. Cady

Edson F. Cady, along with Emory C. Ferguson, co-founded Cadyville in 1860 to take advantage of a military road Congress planned that never materialized. Cadyville later became known as Snohomish, Washington. E. F. Cady sailed from new York on the ...


Dick Jarmon


Families from North Dakota


Jeff Alworth


Models from South Dakota


People from Rosebud Indian Reservation, South Dakota


People from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota


Presidents of Daughters of Utah Pioneers


Julius Ruffin and Arthur Lee Whitfield

On August 14, 1981, Arthur Lee Whitfield was accused of the rape of a woman in Norfolk, Virginia. Twenty five years ago, the woman identified Whitfield as her attacker, describing him as a tall, muscular black, light skinned with hazel eyes Washi ...


People from the Shenandoah Valley


High school football coaches in Washington (state)


McCann brothers

The McCann brothers were three Irishmen who migrated from Ohio to Wisconsin in the mid-nineteenth century. They played an important role in the early phases of Wisconsins lumber industry, and in the political and social organization of Chippewa C ...


People from Menominee, Wisconsin


People by city in Buenos Aires Province


People by city in Cordoba Province, Argentina


People by city in Santa Fe Province


Roberto Escobar and Igon Lerchundi

Roberto Escobar and Igon Lerchundi were pioneers in the art of miming in Argentina and in Latin America. In 1959 they both founded the "Compañia Argentina de Mimos" and toured around many countries in America and Europe. They later participated i ...


Luis Gueilburt

Luis Gueilburt Talmazan is an Argentinian sculptor, painter and writer based in Barcelona. He has exhibited his work in Reus, Mollet del Valles, Vic, Moià and Nagoya. In the course of his academic research of Catalan modernism and Antoni Gaudi, h ...


Illustrious Citizens of Buenos Aires


People from Almirante Brown Partido


People from Arrecifes Partido


People from Avellaneda Partido


People from Bahia Blanca Partido

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