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People from Schleswig-Flensburg


People from Segeberg


People from Steinburg


People from Stormarn


People from Altenburger Land


People from Eichsfeld (district)


People from Gotha (district)


People from Greiz (district)


People from Hildburghausen (district)


People from Ilm-Kreis


People from Kyffhauserkreis


People from Nordhausen (district)


People from Saale-Holzland-Kreis


People from Saale-Orla-Kreis


People from Saalfeld-Rudolstadt


People from Schmalkalden-Meiningen


People from Sommerda (district)


People from Sonneberg (district)


People from Unstrut-Hainich-Kreis


People from Wartburgkreis


People from Weimarer Land


People from Oldenburg Land


People from the Rhineland


Jost Maurer

Johann von Trarbach was a German mason, architect and construction entrepreneur. His nickname means Jost, the stonemason in German. Jost Maurer carried out the expansion of the Wolf monastery to the North of Traben-Trarbach around 1498 and erecte ...


Politicians from Corfu (regional unit)


Politicians from Elis


Nikolaos Tsangas


Xanthi Konstantinidou

Konstantinidou began her career as a footballer, playing as a centre-forward for Olympiad Thessaloniki and Thessaloniki 80 from 1979 to 1983. In 1983, she became the first woman to receive an "A" coaching license in Greece. She began her coaching ...


Eachmilidh Mac Artain

Eachmilidh Mac Artain, also called McCartin, and Acholie McCartan), was head of the Mac Artain lineage and Lord of Kinelarty in what is now County Down. He is first mentioned in an English account of 1575. Along with other Ulster lords he made a ...


GAA people from Ulster


Luca Gotti

Born in Adria, Rovigo, Gotti played as a midfielder for amateur clubs, such as Contarina, San Donà and Caerano in the lower divisions of Italy. He achieved promotions twice during his career, with Contarina to Eccellenza after winning the 1989–90 ...


Sportspeople from Ancona


Sportspeople from Arezzo


Giovanni Ricchiuti

Giovanni Ricchiuti is an Italian archbishop of the Catholic church. On 15 October, hes been appointed as archbishop of the diocese of Altamura-Gravina-Acquaviva delle Fonti.


Sportspeople from Benevento


Pietro Giuseppe Gaetano Boni

Born probably in Bologna, in the title page of his published works he is qualified as abate Abbot and had a musical formation probably under the Accademia Filarmonica di Bologna, of which he was later member. Since 1711 he was in Rome with Arcang ...


Parsifal Bassi


Sportspeople from Bolzano


Giovanni Cocco


University of Camerino alumni


Florius of Camerota

Florius of Camerota was a royal justiciar of the Kingdom of Sicily who worked an itinerant circuit throughout the Principality of Salerno, across different local jurisdictions, between 1150 and 1189. He hailed from Camerota in the Principality, a ...


Dante Bini

Dante Natale Bini or Dante Bini is an Italian industrial designer and architect. He is noted for inventing the Binishell, which is a reinforced thin concrete shell structure that can be lifted and shaped by air pressure. He is also considered a p ...


Zalone da Cento


Francesco Albizzi

Cardinal Albizzi was born in Cesena on 24 October 1593 to Tommso Albizzi and FRancesca Funetti. He was ordained Priest in 164. Pope Innocent X made him a Cardinal-Priest of Santa Maria in Via on 2 March 1654 and reclined it on the 23rd. During hi ...


Sportspeople from Como


Augusto Fiorentini


Luciano Zardi


Andrea Acciaioli

Andrea Acciaioli was an Italian noblewoman, as the Countess of Altavilla in the 14th century. Born in Florence she was a friend of Giovanni Boccaccio, and the person to whom he dedicated his book On Famous Women.


Dario Cecchi

The Best of Enemies 1961. Cyrano and dArtagnan 1964. Fear Sand 1948. The Black Tulip 1964. The Adventures of Gerard 1970. Les Miserables 1948. (Отверженные 1948) Neapolitan Turk 1953. (Неаполитанский Турка 1953) Tragic Spell 1951. (Трагическое За ...


Emilio Cecchi

Emilio Cecchi was an Italian screenwriter and film producer. He also directed two short documentaries in the late 1940s. He was made head of production at Cines Studios, Italys leading film company, in the early 1930s.

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