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Earls of Dysart


Earls of Callendar


Earls of Linlithgow


Earls of Tullibardine


Earls of Eglinton


Earls of Elgin


Earls of Findlater


Earls of Forfar


Earls of Galloway


Earls of Glasgow


Earl of Glencairn


Earls of Gowrie


Earls of Haddington


Earls of Home


Earls of Hopetoun


Earls of Hyndford


Earls of Kilmarnock


Earls of Kincardine


Earls of Kintore


Earls of Lauderdale


Earls of Leven


Earls of Lindsay


Earls of Lothian


Earls of Loudoun


Earls of Marchmont


Earls Marischal


Earls of Middleton


Earls of Montrose


Earls of Moray


Earls of Morton


Earls of Northesk


Earls of Ormond


Earls of Perth


Earls of Portmore


Earls of Queensberry


Earls of Rosebery


Earls of Roxburghe


Earls of Seafield


Earls of Seaforth


Earls of Selkirk


Earls of Southesk


Earls of Stair


Earls of Sutherland


Earls of Wigtown


Earls of Winton


Philip Aston, 6th Lord Aston of Forfar

Philip Aston, 6th Lord Aston of Forfar, was probably born at his ancestral seat of Millwich in Staffordshire, England. In 1751, he succeeded his distant cousin James Aston, 5th Lord Aston Forfar, as Lord Aston Forfar in the peerage of Scotland. H ...


Walter Aston, 7th Lord Aston of Forfar

Walter Aston, 7th Lord Aston of Forfar, succeeded his brother Philip Aston, 6th Lord Aston of Forfar, as Lord Aston of Forfar in the peerage of Scotland in 1755. He died without a direct heir in 1763, and thus his title passed to his cousin, Walt ...


James Cranstoun, 6th Lord Cranstoun


Lords of Bellenden


Lords Campbell

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