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Filipino Roman Catholics


Filipino Baptists


Filipino evangelicals


Filipino Presbyterians


Filipino Pentecostals


Bishops of the Finnish Orthodox Church


Finnish Baptists


Finnish Protestant clergy


Finnish Methodists


Finnish Pentecostals


French Mennonites


French Anglican priests


French Anglican missionaries


French Eastern Catholics


French Roman Catholics


Roman Catholic clergy in France


Alexandre Caffiaux


French Mormon missionaries


French Protestant missionaries


French Roman Catholic missionaries


French Benedictines


French Franciscans


French Friars Minor


French Jesuits


French Baptists


French evangelicals


French Calvinist and Reformed Christians


French Lutherans


French Ismailis


Gambian Methodists


Georgian Eastern Catholics


Roman Catholics from Georgia (country)


Wilhelm Reublin

Wilhelm Reublin was a leading figure of the Swiss Brethren movement. Reublin was born in 1484 in Rottenburg am Neckar. In 1521, after studying theology in Freiburg and Tubingen, Reublin became the pastor at St. Alban in Basel and began to advocat ...


German Mennonites


German Anglican priests


German Roman Catholics


German Latter Day Saint hymnwriters


German Lutheran hymnwriters


German Protestant hymnwriters


German Roman Catholic hymnwriters


German Protestant clergy


Baptists from Germany


German Calvinist and Reformed Christians


German evangelicals


German Lutherans


German Methodists


German people of the Moravian Church


German Pentecostals


German Presbyterians


German Ismailis

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