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Argentine Navy admirals


British admirals


Chilean admirals


Iranian admirals


Ottoman Empire admirals


Pakistan Navy admirals


Peruvian Navy admirals


Spanish admirals


Swedish admirals


Turkish admirals


American generals


Arab generals


British generals


Egyptian generals


German generals


Mexican generals


Pakistani generals


Peruvian generals


Spanish generals


Swedish generals


Marshals of Germany


Marshals of Peru


American 5 star officers


British 5 star officers


Chiefs of the General Staff (United Kingdom)


Chiefs of the Imperial General Staff


Royal Marines generals


Field marshals of Egypt


Field marshals of Germany


Field marshals of Iran


Field marshals of Sweden


Generals of Basil II


Generals of Constans


Generals of Constantius II


Generals of Gratian


Generals of Heraclius


Generals of Justinian I


Generals of Maurice


Generals of Phocas


Generals of Valens


Members of the Front National (French Resistance) movement


Monegasque pornographic film actors


Singaporean pornographic film actors


Byzantine prostitutes


European Games competitors for Albania


European Games competitors for Andorra


European Games competitors for Belgium


African Games competitors for Benin


African Games competitors for Guinea-Bissau


Commonwealth Games competitors from the United Kingdom

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