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Hong Kong film actresses


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Sportspeople from Vantaa


Sportspeople from Banska Bystrica


Sportspeople from Liptovsky Mikulas


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Sportspeople from Zilina


Sportspeople from Jesenice, Jesenice


Sportspeople from Kranj


Track and field people from Oklahoma


Track and field people from Pennsylvania


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Track and field people from Wyoming


Budd and Bartram

Henry Budd and Archibald Bartram 22 Mar 1774 - 1808,known as "Budd and Bartram" or "Budd & Bartram", started their printing partnership as early as 1794 to 1803. They printed much work for Thomas Dobson, At The Stone House, No.41, South Second St ...


Bianco Luno

Bianco Luno was a Danish book printer. His printing business, Bianco Lunos Bogtrykkeri, was at the time of his death in 1852 the largest company of its kind in Denmark. The street Bianco Lunos Alle in Frederiksberg is named after him.


Johann Jakob Hunziker

Johann Jakob Hunziker was a Swiss printer and amateur botanist, noted for his 1862 publication Natures Selfprinting. Hunziker was sent to Mangalore in southwest India in 1857 at the Basel mission press to work there as a printer, and its mandate ...


Gonzalo Vazquez

Gonzalo E. Vazquez is a Venezuelan investment banker. He is the founder and managing director of Vazas & Company, a financial advisory firm in Latin America.


Hong Kong investment bankers


Miss Nigeria winners


Apantree Prayutsenee


Vitalis of Farfa

Vitalis was the "surrogate" Abbot of Farfa in 888, between the death of Spento and the election of the long-serving Peter. The history of the period in Farfas history, besides the barest chronological outline, has been obscure since it was first ...


Wandelbert of Farfa

Wandelbert was the Abbot of Farfa sometime between 757 and 761, one of a series of abbots from Aquitaine. His abbacy coincided with a troubled period in the abbeys history and the stormy reign of Duke Gisulf of Spoleto, who seems to have brought ...

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