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12th-century Chinese women writers


13th-century Chinese women writers


14th-century Chinese women writers


15th-century Chinese women writers


Empress Yuan (Northern Qi)

Empress Yuan was an empress of the Chinese dynasty Northern Qi, known at times semi-formally as Empress Shuncheng. Her husband was Emperor Xiaozhao. Her father yuan man 元蠻 was an official in the previous Eastern Wei as a member of Its Imperial ...


Empress Erzhu (Yuan Gongs wife)

Empress Erzhu was an empress of the Chinese dynasty Northern Wei. Her husband was Emperor Jiemin, and she was a daughter of the general Erzhu Zhao. Very little is known about her. Her father Erzhu Zhao came to prominence after members of the Erzh ...


Empress Gao (Xiaowu)

Empress Gao was an empress of the Chinese/Xianbei dynasty Northern Wei. Her husband was Emperor Xiaowu. She was the oldest daughter of the paramount General Gao Huan. Gao Huan was overthrown by the clan members of the Erzhu clan Erzhu Rong, who w ...


12th-century English women writers


13th-century English women writers


14th-century English women writers


15th-century English women writers


12th-century French women writers


13th-century French women writers


14th-century French women writers


15th-century French women writers


10th-century German women writers


11th-century German women writers


12th-century German women writers


13th-century German women writers


14th-century German women writers


15th-century German women writers


12th-century Italian women writers


14th-century Italian women writers


15th-century Italian women writers


15th-century women writers of the Ottoman Empire


15th-century Portuguese women writers


13th-century Russian princesses


15th-century Scottish women writers


15th-century Spanish women writers


14th-century Swedish women writers


15th-century Swedish women writers


Empress Dong (Ran Mins wife)

Empress Dong was the only empress of the short-lived Chinese state Ran Wei. Her husband was her one and only Emperor, ran min. When he proclaimed the new state in 350 after overthrowing the later Zhao Emperor Shi Jian and declared himself Emperor ...


Empress Jin (Yin)

Empress Jin was briefly an empress of the Chinese/Xiongnu state Han Zhao. Her husband was Liu Can. She was Jins daughter Zhuns. It is unknown what year she married Liu, but when he served as his father Liu Cong Zhaowus Emperor crown Prince, she w ...


Empress Kezuhun (Murong Weis wife)

Empress Kezuhun was an empress of the Chinese/Xianbei state Former Yan. Her husband was Murong Wei, the last emperor of the state. She was the daughter of Kezuhun 可足渾翼 Yi, Cousin Murangi wise mother Empress Dowager Kezuhun. Perhaps, in its or ...


Empress Liu Yaos third empress)

Liu Fang was an empress of the Chinese/Xiongnu state Han Zhao. She was Liu Yaos third empress. It was likely that she was ethnically Han, because if she were Xiongnu, Liu Yao would not likely have married her due to the prohibition against endoga ...



Saint Beuve and her brother Balderic lived in the 7th century in France. According to Christian Settipani, their father was probably Sigobert the Lame, King of Cologne, rather than Sigebert I of Austrasia, as indicated by Flodoard. Together they ...


Irene Komnene Palaiologina

Irene Komnene Palaiologina, after c. 1261 known by her monastic name as Eulogia, was an elder sister of the Byzantine emperor Michael VIII Palaiologos. Originally close to the emperor, her opposition to the Union of the Churches in 1273 led to th ...


14th-century Indian women writers


15th-century Indian women writers


16th-century Chinese women writers


16th-century Croatian women writers


16th-century English women writers


16th-century French women writers


16th-century Hungarian women writers


Nur-un-Nissa Begum (wife of Jahangir)

Nur-un-Nissa Begum meaning Light among Women, was a Timurid princess, the daughter of Ibrahim Husain Mirza. She was empress consort of the Mughal Empire as the wife of fourth Mughal emperor Jahangir.


16th-century Indian women writers

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