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Barons Lilford


Barons Middleton


Barons Monson


Barons Rodney


Barons Sherborne


Barons Sondes


Barons Suffield


Barons Thurlow


Barons Vernon


Barons Walsingham


Barons Abinger


Barons Crawshaw


Barons Culloden


Barons Ellenborough


Barons Montagu of Beaulieu


Barons Ruthven of Gowrie


Sebastian Seymour, Lord Seymour


Feudal barons of Abergavenny


Feudal Barons of Bramber


Feudal barons of Mowbray


Feudal barons of Kington


Lords of Wigmore


Feudal barons of Stoke Courcy


Holders of the Honour of Wallingford


Feudal barons of Wem


Feudal barons of Wycombe


Barons of Barayne


Barons de Boyer


Barons Francesci


Barons Gourgaud


Barons Guyton-Morveau


Barons Haussmann


Barons Larrey


Barons Lejeune


Barons Offenstein


Barons Simeon


Count of Soissons

This is a list of those who bore the title Count of Soissons and ruled Soissons and its civitas or diocese as a county in the Middle Ages. The title continued in use into modern times, but without ties to the actual Soissonnais.


Earldoms in England before 1066


Earldoms in the Jacobite Peerage


Henry Mountbatten, Earl of Medina


Christopher Paulet, Earl of Wiltshire


Earls of Abingdon


Earls of Ailesbury


Earls of Albemarle


Earls of Anglesey


Earls of Arlington


Earls of Arundel


Earls of Bath (1536)


Earls of Bath (1661)


Earls of Bedford

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