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Defunct baseball teams in South Dakota


Defunct soccer clubs in Tennessee


Defunct baseball teams in Texas


Defunct basketball teams in Texas


Defunct ice hockey teams in Texas


Defunct soccer clubs in Texas


Defunct baseball teams in Utah


Defunct soccer clubs in Utah


Defunct soccer clubs in Vermont


Defunct baseball teams in Virginia


Defunct soccer clubs in Virginia


Defunct baseball teams in Washington (state)


Defunct soccer clubs in Washington (state)


Defunct baseball teams in Wisconsin


Defunct soccer clubs in Wisconsin


Defunct soccer clubs in Wyoming


Berwyn Rangers F.C.

William Roberts - Wales Football International. John Jones - Wales Football International. John Roberts - Wales Football International. Harry Adams - Wales Football International.


Brymbo Institute Cricket and Football Club

For a full history see, List of football seasons involving Brymbo teams Institute of brymbo cricket and football club was a multi-sport club based in Brymbo, Wales. The club has its roots in the establishment of the Institute of Brembo and readin ...


Buckley Victoria F.C.


Caerphilly F.C.

Caerphilly F.C. was a Welsh football team that played in the Southern League in the 1910s and 1920s. They were based in the town of Caerphilly, Glamorgan. They joined the southern League in 1913-14 and left the League at the end of the season aft ...


Civil Service (Wrexham) Cricket and Football Club

Civil Service Wrexham first appear in the local press in May 1876 among the Cricket fixtures. The following year the football team participated in the inaugural Welsh Cup competition.


Esclusham White Stars F.C.

Formed sometime around 1900 Esclusham White Stars won the Welsh Amateur Cup in 1905 and 1908. Esclusham also achieved some league success, they won the Wrexham District League in 1908, as well as being Runners Up in 1906, and having two Third pla ...


Gwersyllt Foresters F.C.

Foresters were formed in September 1877 and participated in the inaugural Welsh Cup competition. They played their home games at Gwersyllt Park, and their colours are recorded as being Green and Red. Their first match was against Wrexham on 6 Oct ...


Llandudno Amateurs F.C.

Llandudno Amateurs were a football club from Llandudno who existed during the Edwardian era. The club were first mentioned in 1901 following the demise of Llandudno Swifts. They competed in the North Wales Coast League, Welsh Cup, and North Wales ...


Llandudno Swifts F.C.

Llandudno Swifts were a football club from Llandudno who existed during the late Victorian era. The club were first mentioned in 1889. They competed in the Combination, North Wales Coast League, Welsh Cup, FA Cup and North Wales Coast Cup. The cl ...


Llangollen F.C.

Llangollen were formed on Tuesday 22 October 1872, at the National Schoolroom by members of Llangollen Cricket Club. Their first match was played on The Recreation Ground on Saturday 26 October 1872. The club reformed again on Monday 10 September ...


Mardy A.F.C.

Mardy A.F.C. was a Welsh football team that played in the Southern League in the 1910s and 1920s. They were based in the village of Maerdy, Glamorgan. They joined division Two the southern League for the 1911-12 season, but left at the end of 191 ...


Rhosllanerchrugog F.C.

Rhosllanerchrugog F.C. were a Welsh football team from the village of Rhosllanerchrugog, Wrexham. In November 2018, it was announced that Ben Barlow, vocalist of the Welsh pop-punk band Neck Deep, had signed for the club. As of September 2018 Man ...


Rhostyllen Victoria F.C.

Bill Roberts Achieved International honours. Alf Pugh Achieved International honours as a Rhostyllen Victoria player, also first ever person to be substituted in an International football match.


Westminster Rovers F.C.

Formed sometime around 1889 as the team of the Westminster Colliery, Westminster Rovers were runners up in the Welsh Cup in 1892 and 1894, on both occasions losing to Chirk. They were also founding members of the Welsh Senior League, a competitio ...


Wrexham Albion F.C.

The name Wrexham Albion first appears in the cricket fixtures in August 1867. The first mention of the football club appeared in November 1877. The football club plays its home games at Chester Road, Wrexham. The club recorded how to play in a wh ...


Wrexham Hare and Hounds Club

The club was formed around 1873, and existed during the Victorian era. Their football team played in the Welsh Cup competition during its formative years. The club was granted free use of The Racecourse Ground by Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn.


Merthyr Tydfil F.C.


North Wales rugby

North Wales Rugby was a representative rugby union team representing Wales. They competed annually in the Welsh County Championship and represented the region against international touring teams including Tonga, Romania, Japan and Western Samoa. ...


Nawijn Group

The Nawijn Group is a Dutch right-wing Fortuynist political faction founded by Hilbrand Nawijn, a member of the Dutch House of Representatives. It was founded in June 2005 when Nawijn split from his previous party Pim Fortuyn List. It remained a ...


Socialist League (Germany)

The Socialist League was initiated as a political movement by Gustav Landauer in May 1908, and was aimed at "uniting all humans who are serious about realizing socialism". Its original strategy was to achieve socialism through the formation of wo ...


Maximalist Italian Socialist Party

The Maximalist Italian Socialist Party or PSIm, was the residual part of the Italian Socialist Party in exile following the split that occurred during the first phases of the Socialist Convention of Grenoble, held on 16 March 1930, by Pietro Nenn ...


Defunct democratic socialist parties in the United States


New Left (Trentino-Alto Adige/Sudtirol)

The New Left was a list which contexted the 1978 Trentino-Alto Adige/Sudtirol regional election. The list was led by Alexander Langer, a former member of Lotta Continua. NL-NS opposed the dominant ethnic division in South Tyrolean politics. NL-NS ...


Social Democratic Party of South Tyrol

The Social Democratic Party of South Tyrol was a regionalist social-democratic and Christian-social party of German speakers in South Tyrol, Italy that was active from 1972 to 1983.


Social Progressive Party of South Tyrol

The Social Progressive Party of South Tyrol was a regionalist social-democratic party of German speakers South Tyrol that was active from 1966 to 1978. It was launched in 1966 by Egmont Jenny, former leader of the left wing of the South Tyrolean ...


Romanian Socialist Democratic Party

The Romanian Socialist Democratic Party was a political party in Romania. During it short existence, it was easily mistaken for Romanian Social Democratic Party.


Defunct communist parties in the Basque Country


Defunct communist parties in Catalonia


Liberal Party of Jura


Liberal Party of Vaud


Puerto Rican Renewal Party

The Puerto Rican Renewal Party - or Partido Renovacion Puertorriqueña in Spanish - was a short-lived Puerto Rican political party founded on August 28, 1983 in Ponce, Puerto Rico The party was disbanded in 1987. Then the mayor of the main Batkivs ...


Defunct conservative parties in the United States


Defunct progressive parties in the United States


London and Home Counties Traffic Advisory Committee

The London and Home Counties Traffic Advisory Committee was established in 1924 to advise the Minister of Transport on issues concerning traffic and transport in the London Traffic Area. It was abolished in 1965. The purpose of the Committee, as ...

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