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Hudson Liberty Council


Hudson-Delaware Council


Huntington Area Council


Huntington Council (New York)


Huntington Council (West Virginia)


Huron Area Council


Huron Council


Huroquois Council


Hutchinson River Council


Idaho Falls Council


Indian Trails Council (Wisconsin)


Indianhead Council


Iron Range Council (Minnesota)


Iroquois Council


Ithaca Council


Jackson County Council


Jamestown Council


Janesville Council


Je-Ste-Co Council


Jefferson and Lewis Area Council


Jefferson & Lewis Area Council


Jefferson County Council


Jefferson Lewis Council


Jefferson-Stephens Area Council


Jim Bridger Council


Jonesboro Council


Kanawha Area Council


Kentucky-West Virginia Council


Kern County Council


Keystone Area Council


Kiamichi Area Council


Kickapoo Council


Kilauea Council


Kingston Council, BSA


Kingsville Council


Kit Carson Council


Klamath County Council


Kno-Co-Ho-Tus Area Council


Kootaga Area Council


Lagrande Council


Lake Aggasiz Council


Lake Bonneville Council


Lake Huron Area Council


Lake Region District Council


Lake Shore Council


Lake Superior Council


Lamar County Council


Land O Lakes Council


Land O Lakes-Wolverine Council


Land of the Oneidas Council

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