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Oxford County Council (Maine)


Ozark Council


Palmetto Area Council


Panama Canal Council


Panama Canal Zone Council


Panhandle Area Council


Paris Council


Park Region Area Council


Parkersburg Council


Passaic Valley Council


Patchogue Council


Pawhuska Council


Pawtucket & Central Falls Council


Pawtucket Council


Pecan Valley Council


Pecos Valley Council


Peekskill Council


Penns Woods Council


Penobscot Council


Pheasant Council


Philadelphia Council


Philippines Council


Phoenix Council


Piedmont Area Council


Pine Tree Area Council


Pioneer Valley Council


Pittsfield Council


Plymouth Council (Boy Scouts of America)


Pocatello Council


Pomona Council


Ponca Area Council


Ponca City Council


Pontotoc County Council


Port Arthur Council


Portage Trails Council


Portland Area Council


Portland Council (Maine)


Portland Council (Oregon)


Portsmouth Council


Potomac Council


Pottawatomie Council


Pottawatomie Rogers Council


Poughkeepsie Council


Prescott Council


Providence Council


Pueblo Council


Puerto Rico-Virgin Islands Council


Pulaski County Council


Quanah Parker Council


Quannapowitt Council

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