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Postgraduate research

Postgraduate research

Postgraduate research represents a formal area of study that is recognized by a university or institute of higher learning. By definition, the notion of" postgraduate” carries the implication that the candidate undertaking such research has already completed a formal Masters degree and at some instances the PhD, at an accredited university or tertiary institution. The resulting qualifications arising from postgraduate research leads to Post.


1. Structure

The structure of postgraduate research programs can vary significantly from one country to another. To enter into a PhD program in the United States, students generally must have some form of prerequisite study beyond their basic graduate qualification. This may be a Masters coursework program, which acts as a qualifier for entry. In other countries, entry to Doctoral or Masters research programs is based on the academic track record of the candidates in their undergraduate degrees.

Many students confuse the notion of postgraduate research with" invention” and" discovery”. Postgraduate research ultimately represents an apprenticeship in the field of research. In his textbook, Key Factors in Postgraduate Research – A Guide for Students. Dario Toncich explains that the objective of postgraduate research is not necessarily to make a breakthrough invention or, indeed, a major scientific discovery.

It is, rather, a mechanism by which graduate students learn how to undertake a systematic investigation, founded upon the work built by peers in the field, and then to extend the current state of knowledge. In the context of assessing a postgraduate research program, it is generally the systematic process of research and investigation that is given more attention than the level to which knowledge is extended. The title "doctor" emanates from the Latin word docera - to teach. Hence there is an expectation that the recipient of a doctorate would go on to become some form of "teacher" in the broad sense of the word.


2. History

In the 19th century, postgraduate research was a rarity, with countries such as the United States only having a small number of candidates across their university spectrum. However, by the start of the 21st century, postgraduate research, and postgraduate qualifications, had become commonplace. In any one year, at a global level, there are hundreds of thousands of candidates undertaking postgraduate research programs. For this reason the nature of postgraduate research has also changed.

At Doctoral level, there is some recognition that it is no longer reasonable to expect major research breakthroughs as part of a postgraduate research program. To this end, Doctoral research more commonly now represents an extension of knowledge, rather than some form of breakthrough. There is also some recognition that modern postgraduate research programs now have to be conducted in the light of massive amounts of previously published work, and hence the literature review process has become significantly more complex.

The nomenclature associated with titles arising from postgraduate research vary from one institution to another and one country to another. Postgraduate research programs generally result in a thesis/dissertation, which is assessed by independent experts in the field. The specific nature of the thesis varies from one discipline to another and from one country to another. In addition, some universities insist that students also undertake a viva-voce oral examination in which they can defend their research and processes before an expert panel.

In India, generally, the higher the level of the research degree the less association it has with a specific discipline. For example, at Bachelors level, it would be common to receive a BScChemistry. At Masters level, the corresponding degree would be an MSc without the specific subdiscipline. At Doctoral level, the degree would be simply PhD with no discipline stated. This is intended to show that the recipient of the award has mastered techniques that are more generic than those encapsulated in a specific discipline or subdiscipline. There are some exceptions to this. In a professional Doctorate, where the objective is to demonstrate an in-depth research knowledge of a particular area, the discipline is usually included e.g., Doctor of Business.

In some universities, it is also possible for candidates to achieve what is referred to as a "higher doctorate". This is generally an award bestowed upon people who have made a substantial contribution to their discipline through their research. Higher doctorates would normally be awarded after a significant research career and therefore those who receive such awards generally already have a basic PhD to begin with. Like professional doctorates, higher doctorates generally carry the title of the discipline to which the research contributions have been made - for example, Doctor of Engineering.

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With nearly $700 million in research expenditures, one of the 10 largest academic research libraries, top ranked graduate fields, and some of the best facilities in. Fields of Study – Krieger School of Arts & Sciences. And make a meaningful contribution in whatever discipline they choose. PROFESSOR. academic year for certain research only postgraduate degrees you. Funding McNair Scholars. The Duke University Graduate School offers masters and doctoral degrees in more than 70 departments and programs of study, as well as certificate programs. Graduate & Professional School Barnard. We also offer flexible study options with programs offered on campus and through Science offers 40 graduate certificates in several engineering disciplines,.

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Are you a recent graduate looking for a research experience to take you beyond academic level, discipline, citizenship, organization, program, or location. Study sees gender gaps in Ph.D. programs, by discipline and prestige. UCLA fosters an expansive, multidisciplinary academic experience. Many students arent just working for straight As in their field they study across disciplines. The 50 Best Accredited Online Doctoral & PhD Programs for 2019. Google - is a comprehensive database of PhDs and you can browse by subject area and discipline. Top 25 Doctorate in Business Management Programs 2019 Top. An overview of Penns renowned graduate and professional programs. PhD, and research masters programs as well as academic policies and resources. for Ph.D. students from groups least represented nationally in their disciplines. Graduate Programs University of Pennsylvania. Study Academic Overview Graduate Education You will find a flourishing community of more than 6.400 graduate students seeking to schools and include disciplines such as business, education, engineering, hospitality, Balancing family, work and studies is a challenge most graduate students face, but.

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Apr 19, 2019 In more than a dozen academic fields largely STEM related not a vice president for research at the American Council on Education ACE, told me. One way, Espinosa suggests, is to demystify graduate school and. Majors and Disciplines Academics Vanderbilt University. Explore our PhD programs, masters programs and capstone certificates. Our degree programs admit for Educational Policy Studies MA, PhD. policy studies. Research NYU. A tier one research university, UC Santa Barbara is renowned for impact across the academics graduate degrees UC Santa Barbara. Graduate Degrees. UCSB offers masters degree and Ph.D. tracks in diverse disciplines, with top programs. 50 Best Graduate Research Institutes 2018 Grad School Hub. When you study at the undergraduate level, you are introduced to a field and the Kellogg PhD program, you will master an academic discipline economics,.

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Apr 9, 2013 Many of the skills students learn and master in graduate school are into graduate level studies, their academic discipline may be similar, but. 100 Great Scholarships for Masters Degree Programs The Best. Yales Graduate School of Arts & Sciences offers programs leading to M.A., M.S., professional practice around the world in every theatrical discipline, creating bold Yale School of Medicine graduates go on to become leaders in academic. Choosing Between a Thesis & Non Thesis Masters Degree GoGrad. The academic labor market. Across a range of academic fields, studies report a high correla tion between the prestige of the departments in which academics. List of fields of doctoral studies in the United States pedia. Africana Studies American Studies Anthropology Applied Mathematics Archaeology and the Ancient World Behavioral and Social Health Sciences. PhDs Browse PhDs by Subject Area Find A PhD. University education includes both the study of academic disciplines and. Postgraduate vocational courses are offered by both universities and HBO.

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Jun 21, 2017 Previous studies of a postgraduate bioinformatics module taken by students at 10 years in a US research led university across five STEM disciplines, showing. In the 2014–2015 academic year, a peer receiver from the. Accounting & Finance. Professors as Mediators of Academic Text Cultures: An Interview Study with Advisors and Masters Degree Students in Three Disciplines in a Norwegian. Students Naval Postgraduate School. From PhDs and masters degrees in academic disciplines, to professional Research Institute participants from 2015 17 who have enrolled in graduate or.

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