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1948–49 Fort Wayne Pistons season

The 1948–49 BAA season was the Pistons first season in the NBA/BAA and eighth season as a franchise. Despite their NBL success which included four championship series births and two titles the team wasnt able to translate that success to the new league and missed the playoffs for the first time in team history.


1949–50 Fort Wayne Pistons season

The 1949–50 NBA season was the second season for the Fort Wayne Pistons in the National Basketball Association, and ninth overall as a franchise. After missing the playoffs for the first time in 1949 the team made their first NBA playoff birth. After beating Chicago in a tiebreaker game Fort Wayne entered the playoffs as the three seed in the east and defeated their old rivals, the Rochester Royals in a first round sweep before the Pistons got swept by the eventual champions the Minneapolis Lakers.


1950–51 Fort Wayne Pistons season

2 Rochester Royals vs. 3 Fort Wayne Pistons: Royals win series 2-1 Game 1 Rochester: Rochester 110, Fort Wayne 81 Game 2 Fort Wayne: Fort Wayne 83, Rochester 78 Game 3 Rochester: Rochester 97, Fort Wayne 78


1951–52 Fort Wayne Pistons season

1 Rochester Royals vs. 4 Fort Wayne Pistons: Royals win series 2-0 Game 1 Rochester: Rochester 95, Fort Wayne 78 Game 2 Fort Wayne: Rochester 92, Fort Wayne 86


1952–53 Fort Wayne Pistons season

1 Minneapolis Lakers vs. 3 Fort Wayne Pistons: Lakers win series 3-2 Game 3 Fort Wayne: Fort Wayne 98, Minneapolis 95 Game 4 Fort Wayne: Fort Wayne 85, Minneapolis 82 Game 1 Minneapolis: Minneapolis 83, Fort Wayne 73 Game 5 Minneapolis: Minneapolis 74, Fort Wayne 58 Game 2 Minneapolis: Minneapolis 82, Fort Wayne 75 Last Playoff Meeting: 1950 Central Division Finals Minneapolis won 2–0


1953–54 Fort Wayne Pistons season

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