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List of Princeton University people (government)

This section lists people not listed in prior sections. It includes members of legislatures other than the U.S. Congress, judges and other legal officials, diplomats, sub-Cabinet officials, activists, royalty, and other figures in politics and government.


List of Princeton University people

This list of notable people associated with Princeton University includes faculty, staff, graduates and former students in the undergraduate program and all graduate programs, and others affiliated with the University. Individuals are sorted by category and alphabetized within each category. The "Affiliation" fields in the tables in this list indicate the persons affiliation with Princeton and use the following notation: MCF indicates completion of the Mid-Career Fellowship, a discontinued non-degree program of the Woodrow Wilson School Att indicates that the person attended the undergraduate program but may not have graduated F indicates a faculty member, followed by years denoting the time of service on the faculty B indicates a bachelors degree PhD indicates a Ph.D. degree Pres indicates a President of Princeton University, followed by years denoting the time of service GS indicates that the person was a graduate student but may not have received a degree MSE indicates a Master of Science in Engineering degree awarded by the School of Engineering and Applied Science MPP indicates a Master of Public Policy degree awarded by the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs T indicates a Trustee of Princeton University, followed by years denoting the time of service AM indicates a Master of Arts degree MPA indicates a Master in Public Affairs degree awarded by the Woodrow Wilson School


List of Princeton University people (United States Congress, Supreme Court, Continental Congress and Constitutional Convention)

The United States Senate is the upper house of Congress. Princetonians have a long history of service in the Senate. The Senate of the First Congress included three Princeton alumni, two more who attended Princeton but did not graduate, and one Princeton Trustee Jonathan Elmer of New Jersey. Alexander Leitch wrote in 1978 of the Senate, "Since its establishment in 1789 it has been without a Princetonian only twenty years." This is still the case: Claiborne Pell served 1961–97, Kit Bond served 1987–2011, Jeff Merkley has served since 2009, and Ted Cruz has served since 2013. If Cruz completes his current term, he will represent Princeton in the Senate through 2019. Princetonians have represented 26 of the 50 U.S. states in the Senate. John Brown served in the Senate first from Virginia and then from Kentucky after its admission as a state. He is listed twice for convenience of sorting by state.

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